20 Jul

What goes around comes around. The aso-oke is back in vogue!

Aso-oke is a unique traditional wear that is worn on special occasions. While it has universal acceptance throughout Nigeria and indeed the whole world, its origins are from the Yorubas in the south-western part of Nigeria. It used to be, and still is their top wear to celebrate joyous occasions such as weddings, chieftaincies, festivals, naming ceremony and also for funerals.

Aso-oke is known to be locally made and hand-woven. Aso-oke is woven from cotton. It is usually woven in various colours and designs. Often times, the weavers come from several generations of acquired and accentuated centuries of honing the art of weaving. It has since been passed down from one generation to another, and has gotten better and colourful with the use of technology.

Types of aso-oke include the etu (stripped dark blue), sanyan (carton brown with white stripes), alaari (crimson), takunsi (different patterns) and several other modern colours.

Aso-oke is known for its beauty, richness in colour and its thickness. It gives you the aura of class, respect and status. No wonder it is often the most sought after attire for the bride and groom during weddings. Yeah, my parents got married in one. Maybe I will too. Aso-oke is also known for its everlasting quality, it can retain its quality for many years to come without losing it value at all!

Some years back, the aso-oke seemed to have lost its lustre and fell out of fashion as people preferred to wear other clothing materials for their traditional occasions. However, today aso-oke is back bigger and better. Like the classics that it is, people have reignited their love for it, donning it for weddings especially.

Aso-oke comes in different types and designs including colours. When it comes to weddings today, aso-oke is the top clothing recommended for the couples full attire or as part of their attire for their traditional wedding often called the “engagement”. However, aso-oke is usually used as the gele (head gear) and ipele (a cloth draped across the shoulder) for the bride, while for the groom, it is usually used as fila (cap) and agbada (an overall outer garment).

Also, aso-oke now comes with a lot of embellishment with pearls, plastic beads, stone beads, rhinestones and some other types of add-ins. For instance a bride’s gele usually has embellishment at the hem. This creates layers and fold of creativity and beauty at the hem after tying, which gives a more beautiful, rounded look.

Every beautiful thing modernises while maintaining its essence. The hot gist about aso-oke now is you can turn it from clothing you only wear on traditional occasions and Saturdays to something you can wear on a day-to-day activity, like to the office or as a casual wear. You need to see the many modern designs the aso-oke can now be made into. Why don’t you try getting an aso-oke of your style and color made into a short skirt or a calf length skirt and dress it up with a matching top. You will look absolutely amazing and unique. It is like going modern with a trad attire- so retro, so cool!

You can also mix up an aso-oke with a matching lace or other colourful materials and get it made into a simple short body hug gown with the aso-oke styled from the underbust down to the hip while the matching material covers the chest, neck and hands area. Perfecto! The thickness of the aso-oke gives you a fuller look at the hip and makes you look quite firm. Trust me this style will get people asking you questions like: oh my…. what are you wearing? OMG is that really aso-oke?!

So if you are trying out something totally new and unique, you should defo try rocking an aso-oke outfit.

Better go get yours now before it’s all sold out **winks**

With us, with aso-oke, you can never go wrong. Rock it this weekend, rock it to the club later tonight, rock it to that owambe tomorrow, rock it to your religious gathering on Sunday, and guess what, you can even rock it to work on Monday!

That, dear fashionistas is the versatility of the aso-oke – Gorgeous, classy, and posh!


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