10 Aug

They say, “Dress the way you want to be addressed”. Well, while we recommend that people should dress beautifully, we by no way are people’s fashion police, neither do we endorse judging by mere appearance.


So what is this article about? Branding.


Have you have seen a piece of clothing on someone, fallen in love with it, and asked where they got it from? Who hasn’t!


As a brand, one constantly needs to ask the question: will that dress make them ask for the address?


This is very important for a brand that wants to grow. Referrals are always important in business, and more so in the fashion world where fad is the rule of the game.


So here a few tips to achieving this:

  • Make a bold statement with that dress you’re making.
  • Sell only top-quality clothing.
  • Let your signature be invisible yet bold on anything you do.
  • Let your work be that unpaid advertisement.


At Kimvee, we ensure that vendors deal only in top quality wears. We do not condone any form of below par sales or stock from our vendors or teeming clientele. That way: our dress always makes people ask for our address!

Does yours do the same?

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